College Shows

You will find Manlow constantly traveling to a multitude of colleges across the nation.  The main reason is a majority of the times a school wants him back.  His performance is geared for students who want to have fun, be entertained, as well as, learn about the mysteries and potential of our mind. 

Mannlow’s stage performance consists of total audience participation.   Whether he steals and then reveals a student’s thought in less than 60 seconds, or predicts an event, or even teaches students how to move an object by using only their minds, Manlow’s appearance will leave students with a highly memorable and thought provoking program they won’t forget. 

As an added bonus, Manlow conducts a 90-minute Memory Enhancement Workshop to assist students in taking exams.  He will teach them how to remember long, cumbersome lists of information to make it easier in taking their tests. The workshop concentrates on eliminating the points that often confuse students and demonstrates easy to remember techniques to remember facts more quickly.  After taking this workshop, the students will feel more confident and less stressed.