Manlow's Mind

What do you call a performer who left Regis Philbin speechless on his national TV show?

You call him Manlow.

Manlow is a total showman. Like a master chef preparing a gourmet meal, Manlow adds the best ingredients of mystery, suspense, and humor into his multi-faceted act.

During Manlow’s humorous, thought-provoking Mentalism Stage Act, he steals, then reveals your thoughts in less than 60 seconds.  You will witness fascinating predictions, as well as, his uncanny ability to reveal personal, intimate details about your life that only your mother knows.

Manlow is not a psychic, but once you participate in one of his amazing demonstrations of the mind, you will leave the stage feeling you just had a psychic-like experience.

Manlow also conducts a Memory Enhancement Workshop for colleges, corporations and adult centers.  He teaches how to remember long lists of items, as well as, have total recall of names,faces, numbers, dates and cure absent-mindedness.

As a Motivational Speaker, Manlow offers a positive, uplifting program called, “If You Think You Can, You Can!”  In it, he demonstrates positive thought imagery through total audience participation.   

Manlow’s extraordinary talents have reached international recognition. Manlow appears regularly on radio and television programs. He has been seen on the television programs “That’s Incredible,” “Live with Regis and Kathie Lee,” “PM Magazine,” and several European TV shows. He also hosted his own weekly TV program called, “Manlow’s Meeting of the Minds,” and has created and produced a syndicated radio show called, “Seekers of the Supernatural.”

He is constantly on the go performing at corporate events and conventions, colleges, casinos, nightclubs, trade shows, hospitality suites, association and sales meetings, and various outdoor promotional events. Manlow’s audiences have described his unique performance as extremely entertaining, highly humorous, and totally mind-boggling.